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Psychologists Hope to Combat Antisemitism as an Illness
150 150 Phyllis Chesler

Although I’m a co-founder of the Association for Women in Psychology (1969), and a pioneer feminist psychologist, I stopped attending professional meetings a long time ago. There are many reasons why, including an increasingly toxic view of Judaism and Israel by academics who were in no way experts in these subjects. This led to the formation of…

Academia for Hamas
150 150 Andrew Pessin

I weep for the academy. I weep for the Jews. As the Islamic Resistance Movement (better known by its acronym, Hamas) rained thousands of deadly rockets upon Israeli men, women, and children, the academy loudly and voluminously proclaimed its endorsement of this effort to murder as many Jews as possible. Petitions, declarations, statements abounded, from…

Inclusivity, Sure. But Not for the Zionists.
750 375 Jonathan Marks

Two years ago, I wrote about a scandal involving Williams College’s student-led Council’s decision to vote against recognizing a club because, student comments suggested, it was pro-Israel. Ultimately, the college administration stepped in and approved the club anyway. Now in Southern California, another prestigious small college, Pomona College, may be headed down a similar road. Not content…

The Radicalization of the University of California Press
150 150 Jonathan Marks

On May 21, a prestigious activist organization expressed its “solidarity and support for Palestinians in their fight for liberation.” In accordance with the radicalism of this organization, it pointedly did not refer to Israel by name, placing the Jewish state instead within “historic Palestine.” This activist organization encouraged us to donate to “local organizations,” like the Palestinian…