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How Not to Be an Antiracist
150 150 Kenneth L. Marcus

Leaders in business, academia and government are increasingly adopting “antiracist” training and policies in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. In some cases, this reflects genuine interest in decreasing racial discrimination. In others, it is a salve for what Shelby Steele calls “white guilt.” Elsewhere, it arises from fear that even liberal institutions may…

USC vows to counter hate after Jewish student government leader resigns
1024 768 Melissa Weiss

The University of Southern California The student government vice president at the University of Southern California resigned this week, alleging she was the subject of antisemitic harassment over her support for Israel. In response, the university administration said it is launching a new educational initiative to counter on-campus hate. “As you may know, our Vice…

The Real Problem on College Campuses Is Zionophobia
150 150 David Suissa

A little over a year ago, I wrote a column arguing that, in many ways, anti-Zionism is more dangerous than anti-Semitism. My point was that going after the Jewish state was a sneaky way of going after the Jews. By hiding behind anti-Zionism — which is more acceptable in polite circles — Jew-hatred can continue…

How to Achieve Woke Justice
150 150 Philip Carl Salzman

Racial theorists and activists claim that certain minorities, mainly “people of color,” are discriminated against in America, Canada, and the West generally. The measure used to gauge racial discrimination is “representation” on the basis of the percentage of the general population. According to Zach Goldberg, writing in Tablet, One of the primary drivers behind the conceptual creep around…

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