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German Munster University Students Passed Motion Against Antisemitic BDS

Munster. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons) The student parliament for the University of Münster in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia passed a resolution on Tuesday against the BDS campaign targeting Israel. “We clearly position ourselves against any form of antisemitism and reject the boycott efforts against Israel,” read a Facebook post of the Green party…

The Word Crimes Controversy (6): A Personal Reflection By John Strawson

John Strawson was a contributor to the Word Crimes issue of Israel Studies Journal. He also taught in the Law Center at Birzeit University on the West Bank from 1996-2006. In this personal reflection on the controversy he argues that the response of some critics of the special issue has been ‘excessive and censorious.’ Instead,…

Inspiration and a Rallying Cry for Graduates

The following is Judea Pearl’s speech at the fourth annual UCLA Jewish Graduation on June 16. Dean [Maria] Blandizzi, friends, families, distinguished guests and especially you, the graduates. I am deeply honored by the opportunity to address this graduating class, and to speak to you on topics that are so very dear to my heart. I…

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