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US Professors Promote Palestinian Terror
720 360 Andrew E. Harrod / – For Palestinians, the “major shift has to be a politics of resistance; it has to be about alienating Israel,” stated Rutgers University assistant professor of Africana Studies Noura Erakat during a November 17 Middle East Institute (MEI) panel webinar. The participants’ radicalism illustrated how the Palestinian national movement’s intellectual barrenness may stymie any foolish return to traditional Israeli-Palestinian peace processes…

The New Anthropology
150 150 Philip Carl Salzman

In their recent “Open Letter Demanding the Overhaul of McGill’s Statement of Academic Freedom,” the Anthropology Students Association and the Anthropology Graduate Student Association of McGill University have schooled us about the new anthropology. Here are some of its dimensions: The benighted old anthropology began with questions and engaged in research to find answers. Cultural…

Suppressing Academic Freedom in the Name of Inclusion at McGill University
150 150 Richard L. Cravatts

In what has become an increasingly frequent and troubling occurrence on campuses, a McGill University emeritus professor of anthropology and SPME board member, Philip C. Salzman, is under fire by pretentious, virtue-signaling students who wish to hear only viewpoints that conform with their own and who, in attempting to shield others from ideas that might…

Trump or Biden, keep up the pressure on campus anti-Semitism
800 533 Kenneth L. Marcus

Last year, at a national conference in Manhattan, New York University student Adela Cojab described a pattern of harassment that she and other Jewish students were facing on her campus. After hearing her speak, as was my job, I informed her that if she filed a complaint with the agency that I then headed, the…

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