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CUNY’s Anti-Semitism Problem and the Campaign to Fire Michael Goldstein

Michael Goldstein is a midlevel administrator and adjunct professor in the business department of Kingsborough Community College. For the past 10 months, he has been the target of a sustained campaign calling for his termination. In late May, as many as 1,500 flyers were distributed on the 16,000-student campus on the southern edge of Brooklyn calling…

The Other Intersectionality: Victims of Islamism

Censored from today’s campuses is discussion of another, in various respects competing, intersectionality: That of the shared, intersecting, predicaments of today’s victims of Islamist aggression, including terrorism. Hamas’s operatives have trained in Sudan and worked with Sudanese forces, including those that have been engaged in the Darfur genocide. This is the organization whose supporters are…

An Open Letter to the President of Tufts University

Dear Dr. Anthony Monaco President, Tufts University As a former Tufts medical student, full-time academic, retired Professor of Radiology (Tufts, BU) — and a student of Middle East history — I am concerned about the academic reputation of Tufts, now that it has decided to offer a course on “Settler-Colonialism.” I requested permission to audit…

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