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The Israel-Obsessed Art World Devours Itself

A wild story out of Berlin perfectly encapsulates the anti-Zionist obsessions of the world of arts and culture, as well as the way pro-Palestinian movements degrade and destroy their own coalitions. If this story were fiction, it would be dismissed…

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How Palestine Hijacked the U.S. Civil Rights Movement

For over 50 years, the American left has tried rebranding the Palestinian cause by camouflaging Palestinian terrorism with the slogans of America’s civil rights movement. Today, a new generation of would-be radicals has stumbled onto this zombie corpse of ahistoric…

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BDS Comes to Northern Ireland

Editorial Note The UK Government is promoting an anti-boycott legislation in the House of Commons. First introduced in July last year, it is titled “Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill.” The Bill would allow the government to fine public bodies…

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MLA Delegates Pass Motion Defending Pro-Palestine Speech

The Modern Language Association’s Delegate Assembly passed an “emergency motion” Saturday defending college and university employees and students who are facing threats, harassment and violence for criticizing Israel’s violence against Palestinians. The weekend-long MLA Annual Convention included multiple panels that…

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The Language of Soviet Propaganda

The claim that Israel is committing a genocide against Palestinians is among the longest-running lies told about Israel. “Genocide Israeli style”; “Zionist-engineered genocide”; “the ‘final solution’ of the Palestinian question”—these may look like snippets from some recent campus proclamation, but…

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