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US and Iran in 2024
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Combating Antisemitism post Oct.7th
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Alex Joffe, PhD

Alex Joffe, PhD is editor of SPME’s monthly BDS Monitor. He is an archaeologist and historian specializing in the Middle East and contemporary international affairs. Educated at Cornell University and the University of Arizona. Among other topics he has written extensively on the BDS movement and contemporary antisemitism.

BDS Monitor Live

With the school year completed and the Gaza War dragging on, the BDS-originated crisis in American and global society is fully in view. From academia to the worlds of arts and culture, and all levels of politics, efforts to shun and expel ‘Zionists’ have become a thinly veiled cover for antisemitism. More ominously, all manner of institutions have fallen in line, including European academic boycotts of Israeli counterparts, calls from millennial employees to condemn Israel, and the rooting of antisemitism in public and private K-12 education. SPME’s Live Briefing Series covers recent BDS developments and gives listeners the opportunity to ask questions to SPME staff.