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German Teachers’ Union Paper Urges Total boycott of Israel

The teachers union in the city of Oldenburg published an article in its September paper calling for a complete boycott of the Jewish state, sparking criticism from Israel’s embassy, German teachers and pro-Israel activists, as well as the Simon Wiesenthal…

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Norway declares boycott against Israel is legal

Norway’s Foreign Affairs Ministry determined that boycotting products and services coming from Israeli settlements is legal and does not contradict Norway’s international trade commitments. Nevertheless, the assertion was said to be inappropriate, according to an internal document signed by Norway’s…

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Prof claims she was dismissed for pro-Israel, anti-BDS views

Dr. Melissa Landa, a professor at the University of Maryland for 10 years until her dismissal last June, is preparing to file a lawsuit alleging that she faced discrimination and retaliation for her pro-Israel views. Landa claims that she was…

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Young Germans protest BDS conference

The title of the conference is “Future for Palestine and Israel – Does Germany prolong the occupation?” The youth organization of the German- Israel Friendship Society in Heidelberg protested on Friday against an anti-Israel conference filled with speakers who allegedly…

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