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Bedeviled by Anti-Israel Boycotters at Duke

I recently met a couple who told me that their Jewish daughter attends Duke University, which they believe to be a great school for Jewish students. I would be pleased to share their enthusiasm. But in certain pockets of that…

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Israel bars pro-boycott European group from visiting

Israel announced on Monday it will not allow a group of European officials to visit Israel due to their efforts to promote boycotts of the Jewish state. Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announced in a statement that he will adopt the…

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NYU Groups Boycotting Trip to Israel for Student Leaders

NYU campus / Wikimedia Commons A coalition of two dozen clubs at New York University (NYU) has boycotted a subsidized trip to Israel for student leaders, claiming it is a “propaganda” program that is “part of the right-wing strategy to…

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Amnesty-USA’s Newest Anti-Israel Hires

Amnesty International claims to have a policy of “impartiality and independence,” central to its efforts to “systematically and impartially research[] the facts of individual cases and patterns of human rights abuses” around the world. In sharp contrast, Amnesty International and…

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Duke University Press and the demonization of Israel

Peter Reitzes Duke University Press (DUP) claims it “supports the academic mission of Duke University by disseminating knowledge” and by contributing “most significantly to the University’s … commitment to learning, freedom, and truth.” When it comes to Israel, however, DUP…

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Wisconsin governor signs anti-boycott Israel order

Wisconsin has become the latest US state to target the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, amid an ostensible crackdown on the activism. State Governor Scott Walker signed an executive order on Friday night that prohibits state agencies from…

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