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Reflections on a summer faculty fellowship in Israel

In May 2016, I was selected along with 23 other college professors from across the United States to participate in a 10-day Faculty Fellowship Institute sponsored by the Jewish National Fund (JNF). The program links scholars from diverse disciplines with…

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Will Black Lives Matters drive a wedge between Jews and African-Americans?

As a minority group that has faced down centuries of anti-Semitism, the Jewish people have long stood shoulder-to-shoulder with other long-suffering and persecuted minority groups such as African-Americans. This was evident during the Civil Rights Movement when Jewish leaders stood…

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Grassroots Jewish Organizations Roar

JNS.org – Richard Allen is not a careful, polished Jewish communal leader with a seasoned staff operating from a mid-town Manhattan office, ensconced behind a stylized logo, fortified by tax-exempt donations and burnished advisors. Allen is a private businessman. He wields…

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