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The Cost of Kindness to the Cruel in Gaza

The most important of my mother’s Yiddish sayings was: “A rakhman oyf gazlonim iz a gazlen oyf rakhmonim.” It roughly translates to “kindness to the cruel is cruelty to the kind.” Gazlen ranges from an armed robber to a murderer, while rakhman is…

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The Jewish town of Karnei Shomron in Judea and Samaria, on June 4, 2020. Photo by Sraya Diamant/Flash90.

We must become October 8 Jews

The Hamas massacre of October 7 shattered many myths and conceptions. One of them is the liberal progressive dream of Zionism being rooted in a shared sense of social justice. However, instead of waking up to the falsehoods they have been telling…

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7 October: The Campus ‘18th Brumaire’

The campus crusade directed at Israel’s war against Hamas mirrors the performative politics captured by Marx in his 18th Brumaire. The New York Times submerges the adulation for rape and torture in a tide of articles on college social life or as a matter…

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Preserving pomp and ignoring the circumstances

It must say something about American higher education that so many university presidents are applauded for ending weeks of student encampments protesting the Gaza War that threatened to disrupt graduation ceremonies. The resumption of the normal end of semester calendar,…

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Hamas’s First American Victim

Hamas’s First American Victim: What the Three-Decade Old Murder of an American Teenager Can Teach Us About College Riots, Anti-Semitism, and the Future of American National Security David Boim was a 17-year-old American boy living in Israel. In May of…

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