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Hateful Anti-Zionism at Duke University Press
150 150 Peter Reitzes

Perkins Library at Duke University in Durham, NC. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Duke University Press has a long history of promoting antisemitic views masquerading as academic scholarship. Their authors have compared Israelis to Nazis, and have updated antisemitic blood libels by alleging that Israel specifically targets Palestinian children to maim them and then profits from their incurred disabilities. As I previously wrote in 2018,…

Berlin’s commissioner to fight antisemitism slams university for BDS event
822 537 Benjamin Weinthal

THE FACULTY OF LAW building at Berlin’s Humboldt University. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons) The city-state of Berlin’s commissioner to combat antisemitism, Lorenz Korgel, on Monday criticized Humboldt University for holding an event with an alleged academic antisemite who promotes the BDS campaign targeting Israel. “If anti-Israeli boycott and delegitimization campaigns are directly supported, the line regarding Israel-related…

Here’s how Hillel’s new CEO says they’re fighting anti-Semitism on campus
1024 768 Aiden Pink

Jewish parents have long expressed concerns over anti-Semitism on college campuses – concerns that have recently intensified in tandem with the rise in violent anti-Semitic incidents nationwide. That’s why the Forward asked Adam Lehman, the new CEO of the Jewish campus organization Hillel International, for an interview centered around anti-Semitism. The Forward questioned Lehman about how…

Georgetown grad student leader, who’s also running for Congress, under fire for antisemitic tweets
150 150 Melissa Weiss

The vice president of Georgetown University’s Graduate Student Government, Heerak Kim, is facing calls to resign and a pending impeachment trial following an uproar over his recent social media posts. Kim is also a Republican congressional candidate in Virginia’s 8th district. Fighting words: Kim’s posts include a call for the FBI to investigate politicians “with ‘questionable’ ties to…

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