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President Bollinger [of Columbia University] Condemns Anti-Semitism in a Statement Before the Senate Plenary
150 150 Lee C. Bollinger

I want to speak about a difficult matter—about a concern I have regarding the risk of a rising anti-Semitism on our campus. Any bigotry and prejudice toward groups is intolerable, especially (for all the obvious reasons) within a university, and we should be quick to condemn its presence in any form and in any context. In…

A Slap in the Face at Scripps College
150 150 Jonathan Marks

I’ve written about Rutgers University Professor Jasbir Puar before, so let me limit myself to a few observations. Puar, a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, has a problem: BDS wishes to accuse Israel of genocide, but Israel isn’t engaged, and has never been engaged, in one. Puar’s solution is to contend that Israel’s doesn’t respect…

Scripps College to host professor who wrote book claiming Israel purposely harms Palestinians
150 150 Jackson Richman

Scripps College, a private woman’s liberal-arts institution and part of The Claremont Colleges in Southern California, is scheduled to host a keynote this month by Rutgers University professor Jasbir Puar, who wrote a book accusing Israel of maiming Palestinians to assert control over them. The March 12 address at the school, titled “Debility and Disability…

Brooklyn College Athletes Draw Ire For Kneeling During Israel’s National Anthem
150 150 Adam Kredo

Student athletes at Brooklyn College are facing criticism after kneeling during the singing of Hatikvah, Israel’s national anthem, before a volleyball match against Jewish students of Yeshiva University. At a men’s volleyball competition that took place during the weekend, two players from Brooklyn College can be seen on video taking a knee as Hatikvah plays. The kneeling Brooklyn…

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