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Survey: Half of ‘Openly Jewish’ College Students Have Tried to Hide Identity on Campus
720 360 Dion J. Pierre

A poll released Monday found that half of “openly Jewish” college students have at times attempted to conceal their religious identity on campus, and that they are more likely to do so the longer they’re enrolled. The study — conducted by the Cohen Research Group with the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under…

Be Careful What You Wish For
150 150 Menachem Kellner

Roughly half a century ago, when I began my career in the field of Jewish studies, the Association for Jewish studies was in its infancy, and its membership could easily fit into the Harvard Faculty Club, where many of its early meetings were held. In my own subfield, medieval Jewish philosophy, and in my generation,…

BDS-proof: Tips for helping Jewish students on campus feel secure and empowered
880 495 Deborah Fineblum

Just because most colleges and universities have been on at least a partial pandemic shut down this past year doesn’t mean that BDS forces have lost any of their vitriol. Or that they’ve given up on pillorying the Jewish state and, all too often, the Jewish people as well. Among those fanning the anti-Israel flames…

Settler Colonialism Backfires
150 150 Donna Robinson Divine

Of all the catchwords hijacked by the study of the Middle East Conflict, none has turned taboos inside out more than settler colonialism. It is the linguistic warrant for bringing an indictment against Israel for denying Palestinians the freedom and justice presumably due to them. But its list of charges can be validated only by…