BDS Monitor Live – Jun 18, 2024

With the school year completed and the Gaza War dragging on, the BDS-originated crisis in American and global society is fully in view. From academia to the worlds of arts and culture, and all levels of politics, efforts to shun…

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BDS Monitor Live – May 2, 2024

The spring semester is ending with a massive crisis across all levels of American education as campus takeovers, faculty and student walkouts, and harassment of Jewish students have brought many campuses to a standstill. The frequently heard calls of ‘death…

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Does Suing Colleges for Antisemitism Actually Work?

On November 27, MIT postdoctoral associate Afif Aqrabawi posted on X that Zionists steal the organs of dead Palestinians. “I feel like I’ve seen this movie before,” he wrote. “Sounds like some crazy horror film, no?” But when a Jewish student approached…

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Photo by Scarlet Sappho via Flickr

DEI Drives Campus Antisemitism

Tuesday’s House hearing on campus antisemitism ratcheted up the pressure on American universities: counter the anti-Israel vitriol that exploded in the wake of Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack or risk losing philanthropic and government support. The leading approach is sure to…

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