Does Suing Colleges for Antisemitism Actually Work?

On November 27, MIT postdoctoral associate Afif Aqrabawi posted on X that Zionists steal the organs of dead Palestinians. “I feel like I’ve seen this movie before,” he wrote. “Sounds like some crazy horror film, no?” But when a Jewish student approached…

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Photo by Scarlet Sappho via Flickr

DEI Drives Campus Antisemitism

Tuesday’s House hearing on campus antisemitism ratcheted up the pressure on American universities: counter the anti-Israel vitriol that exploded in the wake of Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack or risk losing philanthropic and government support. The leading approach is sure to…

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Photo by Susan Ruggles via Flickr

Anti-Zionism Is Deadlier Than Antisemitism

Some say that anti-Zionism isn’t tantamount to antisemitism. If so, it’s worse. Antisemitism always stings, but in the West today, it usually doesn’t wound. The same can’t be said of anti-Zionism. Antisemitism in America has consisted mostly of small things:…

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Tevi Troy Why Universities Target Jews

Many Jewish students, parents, and donors are rethinking their allegiance to America’s elite universities. They think that Jewish students are not welcome there. That message is being sent in two ways. First, these schools aren’t admitting Jewish students at the…

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U.S. Campuses and the Problem of Antisemitism

The Hamas attack on Israel and the Israeli response have elicited a wave of antisemitic activity on U.S. campuses. In theory, the huge and costly administrative structures that claim to protect students against bias would swing into action. None did.…

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A pro-Palestinian rally in Columbus, Ohio, on Nov. 12, 2023. Credit: Becker1999 via Wikimedia Commons.

Going woke has endangered American Jews

It was just one result among a blizzard of other poll results in a single survey. But one data point in the Harvard/Harris monthly survey of public opinion not only jumped out at observers like a five-alarm fire but also called into…

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