How social-justice activists revived anti-Semitism

In Western, leftish circles, Israel is now treated as a uniquely wicked nation. We’re told it is a racist, colonialist, ‘apartheid state’, despite ample evidence to the contrary. Social-justice activists treat this imperfect Middle Eastern democracy with infinitely more contempt…

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Visit the Winston Salem Central Library during the last Thursday of each month to meet with a member of Rep. Manning's team for assistance with a federal agency.

Lawmakers press Department of Education on campus antisemitism

A bipartisan group of 84 lawmakers wrote to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona pressing for information on the Department of Education’s plans to resolve a backlog of investigations into campus antisemitism and improve protections for Jewish students, Jewish Insider has learned. The lawmakers, led by…

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The National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism: A First Look

After months of waiting, the Biden administration finally released its “National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism.” A close look at the document gives the impression that the strategy as a whole is designed to appear to be “doing something” to combat antisemitism while not…

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