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Washington State Gears Up To Mandate ‘Ethnic Studies’ As Its Architect Rails Against ‘Jewish Complicity’
1024 576 Luke Rosiak

The Washington State Board of Education moved closer last week to requiring high schoolers to study “ethnic studies” in order to graduate–even as the activist who formally trained the board on the subject has been railing against Jews, downplaying the oppression they have faced and writing: “How do we hold white Jews who are complicit…

Hate and Fear Are Now Major Motivators on Campus
150 150 Philip Carl Salzman

Almost every university in North America has committed to what is called “social justice,” which is the implementation of identity politics through the mechanisms of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Identity politics divides everyone into one of two categories: evil oppressor or innocent victim. Through official mandatory policies, universities have transformed academic culture from a quest to discover…

The city of Bethlehem in the West Bank. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons to add ‘safety and human rights warning’ to West Bank settlements
1024 768 Noa Shpigel, Jonathan Lis, Hagar Shezaf

The online travel reservation service is planning on adding a warning to all properties in the West Bank owned by Israelis within a few days, stating that “visiting the area may be accompanied by an increased risk to safety and human rights, or other risks to the local community and visitors.” According to a…

Oakland arts groups boycott S.F. library for refusing to display ‘Zionism Is Racism’ mural
1024 576 Gabe Stutman

Two Oakland-based arts organizations are boycotting the San Francisco Public Library after it declined to publicly display a mural that included the phrase “Zionism Is Racism.” Nomadic Press, a nonprofit publishing house, and the East Side Arts Alliance & Cultural Center, a community impact and arts group, announced on Aug. 28 that they would not be attending…