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Jewish students’ anger over claim that NUS still has BDS policy

Ilyas Nagdee speaking at the NUS Conference (Photo: YouTube/NUS) The Union of Jewish Students has condemned a “mischievous and misleading claim” that the National Union of Students has continued to officially support BDS, despite the NUS allowing the policy to lapse at their conference last month. Ilyas Nagdee, the NUS’s black students officer, told an…

Confirm Kenneth Marcus to the Department of Education

Senate Majority Leader McConnell: Start the full Senate vote clock and confirm Kenneth Marcus to lead the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) For months, Kenneth Marcus’ nomination to lead the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights has been stalled amid staunch Democratic opposition . The head of the Louis D. Brandeis…

Bashing Israel from the Professor’s Perch

The trends are alarming. A 2017 Pew survey found a rising number of Jewish youth to be pretty much detached from Israel. For some the indifference has turned into hostility, as Jewish students participate in calls for boycotts and sanctions against Israel. More surprising are the attitudes of the Jewish professorate. One of the more…

The Silencing of Pro-Israel Students on Campus

Ismael Khoufaify, Director of Advocacy of the Governance Council of Minority & Marginalized Students at New York University, recently had a rough week. Swastikas had again been discovered in a campus building; someone in the dining halls marked Black History Month by serving watermelon kool-aid; some pro-Israel students expressed polite disagreement at a Jewish Voice…

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