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Amnesty, BDS France to share stage at ‘how to end the Israeli apartheid’ event
640 269 Michael Starr

The president of Amnesty International – France will share the stage with the European coordinator of the BDS National Committee (BNC) at a BDS France event called “How to End the Israeli Apartheid System” on September 10. Jean Claude Samoullier of Amnesty and the BNC’s Fiona Ben Chekroun will speak at the event on “Israeli…

OPINION: Current strategy to opposing anti-Israel boycotts is weak and ineffective
400 250 Gary Mond

Like the Chef Rabbi, most of us will have been saddened to hear that the Methodist community have reaffirmed their support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel (“BDS”). A key reason why this is so depressing is that it causes us to wonder how we seem to be failing so badly in getting our…

Donor yanks Israel Studies endowment at U of Washington over professor’s Israel criticism
627 480 Andrew Lapin

UPDATE: The University of Washington says the school remains committed to its Israel Studies program. Please see the latest here. The original story follows. (JTA) — The University of Washington has put its five-year-old Israel Studies Program on hold after a major donor, angry about a professor’s criticism of Israel, took her money back. Becky Benaroya, a prominent Seattle…

Jazmin Pichardo / Twitter
University of Maryland’s Anti-Semitism Task Force Chief Has History of Anti-Semitic Statements
736 514 Alex Nester

The diversity officer at the helm of the University of Maryland’s anti-Semitism task force claimed in a Facebook post that Israel was engaged in an “ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.” Jazmin Pichardo, the assistant director for diversity training and education for the university’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, shared a series of anti-Israel…