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Colleges reject BDS demands for 9th straight year

Every single student government resolution urging divestment from companies that do business with Israel was rejected this year by college administrations. Since 2006, 118 BDS resolutions have been rejected nationwide, though a professor who has studied the movement warns that divestment isn’t actually the primary goal, because activists are more concerned with publicity. For the…

Israel Studies confab comes to UC Berkeley

The field of Israel studies emerged two decades ago as a reaction against the politicization (read: anti-Israel bias) of Mideast studies departments in U.S. universities. The new field, spearheaded by the creation of Israel studies centers at Emory and American University in 1998, was designed to give scholars a place for research, collaboration and teaching…

A New Approach to Fighting Campus anti-Semitism

Campuses today are being challenged by profoundly intolerant behavior, whose goal is to prevent some individuals and groups from expressing their opinions, beliefs or identity, or from fully participating in campus life.   For Jewish and pro-Israel students, such behavior has become especially prevalent and challenging. On many college campuses, not only are positive statements…

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