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Oakland arts groups boycott S.F. library for refusing to display ‘Zionism Is Racism’ mural
1024 576 Gabe Stutman

Two Oakland-based arts organizations are boycotting the San Francisco Public Library after it declined to publicly display a mural that included the phrase “Zionism Is Racism.” Nomadic Press, a nonprofit publishing house, and the East Side Arts Alliance & Cultural Center, a community impact and arts group, announced on Aug. 28 that they would not be attending…

University Professors Love ‘Social Justice’ and Critical Race Theory, but Hate Israel
150 150 Philip Carl Salzman

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) earlier this year courageously took a stand against “threats to academic freedom.” The AAUP statement identifies the most serious threats to academic freedom today. No, the threat to academic freedom, according to the AAUP, is not the “social justice” political ideology that has become mandatory for all university employees today. Adherence…

An Academic Mission not Entirely Impossible
150 150 Donna Robinson Divine

My personal encounter with academic censorship began in the Fall of 1989 when Smith College’s newly appointed Diversity Officer summoned me to her office asking why I had included the following question on an exam in one of my courses during the second semester of the previous academic year —an action taken, she stated emphatically,…

Many BDS supporters defeated in Democratic primaries as ratings agency bias against Israel draws legal scrutiny. Universities and student groups hit with student lawsuits over BDS support and campus antisemitism.
150 150 WEBstationONE

Introduction The brief August flare up between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) produced a predictable but short spate of BDS activity. PIJ’s undeniable responsibility for Palestinian civilian casualties and rapid Israeli messaging campaigns blunted the impact except on hardcore BDS supporters. The clash was overshadowed by Democratic primaries and upcoming midterm elections, in which…