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University of Michigan Student: I Was Forced to Attend ‘Antisemitic Lecture’ Comparing Netanyahu to Hitler

An undergraduate at the University of Michigan said she “was forced to sit through an overtly antisemitic lecture” on Thursday, which compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler. Alexa Smith, a senior, said the presentation was part of the Penny Stamps Speaker Series, which arts and design students are required to attend. The image — shared by lecturer Emory Douglas, a…

Israeli student at Columbia says she’s being bullied by Palestinian group

As an officer in the Israel Defense Forces, Ofir Dayan served in hostile territory in Gaza and Lebanon. But, the undergrad told The Post, nothing prepared her for life at Columbia University. Ofir, the 24-year-old daughter of Israel Consul General in New York Dani Dayan, said she is harassed and threatened over her background by…

Walter Laqueur, eminent scholar who probed the 20th century, dies at 97

Walter Laqueur, a German Jew who fled Hitler and became one of the preeminent intellectuals of his generation with seminal books dissecting events that shaped the 20th century as well as his own life, died Sept. 30 at his home in Washington. He was 97. His wife, Susi Laqueur, confirmed the death and said she…

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