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Planning for Antisemitism in Planned Giving to Universities

A few years ago, a woman contacted the pro-Israel organization where I work, StandWithUs, worried about her late husband’s legacy. He had spent his career as a professor at a University of California (UC) school, and was devoted to both…

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California’s Ethnic Studies Follies

The first time California’s Department of Education published a draft of an ethnic studies “model curriculum” for high school students, in 2019, it managed the neat trick of omitting anti-Semitism while committing it. More than a million Jews live in…

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‘Let’s Be Reasonable’

Jonathan Marks is a conservative professor at a liberal arts college. A professor of politics at Ursinus College, he might have written a book that simply denounced liberal arts colleges. But in Let’s Be Reasonable: A Conservative Case for Liberal Education (Princeton…

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The Targeting of Princeton Prof. Joshua Katz Continues

Princeton University Professor of Classics Joshua Katz was one of our panelists at our “Saving Higher Ed From Cancel Culture” event in August: Joshua Katz, Cotsen Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Classics, Princeton University. Prof. Katz authored a column at Quillette, A Declaration of Independence…

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