Identity Cancels Reality

Our current monomaniacal obsession with identity was midwifed by postmodern theory. In the past, students of society and culture emulated science in theory and methodology, striving to offer objective, disinterested, and impartial knowledge about human life. Postmodernism attacked science and…

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Germany’s Neglected Security and Culture Challenge

The following thoughts (1) were presented as a first response to the refugee crisis of September and October 2015 in a meeting of Israel Allies in November 2015 and (including minor changes) published in January 2016 by the journal FIKRA…

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November 29: The Jewish Thanksgiving Day

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Emboldened by UNESCO’s vote last week, the BDS propagandists have decided to take another bite at Jewish history and divert it to further their aims. News reaches us that they plan campus activities against the two historical events that…

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Salem on the Thames

Academics like to think of themselves as autonomous thinkers, and academia—meaning literally the protected realm of free speech—gives professors not only the right to speak their minds but also, via the institution of tenure, protection against losing their livelihoods by…

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An Open Letter to Samuel Fleischacker

  Dear Professor Fleischacker: I read with great interest and sadness your statement on the election results in Israel: “It breaks my heart to say this, but today I don’t feel I can call myself a Zionist any longer.” Your…

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Why Don’t the British Like Israel?

A recent poll showed that Britons regarded Israel less favorably than any other country besides North Korean. The results came as a shock to Israelis and supporters of Israel, but they shouldn’t have. After all, British supporters of the boycott, divestment…

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