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The College Campus Tentifada: How It Started, Why It Matters, and How to Curb It
1024 576 Hudson Institute

Hudson’s Michael Doran hosts Columbia University Professor Ran Kivetz, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East Executive Director Asaf Romirowsky, and Senior Fellow and Tablet Editor at Large Liel Leibovitz. They will discuss the causes of the recent slate of pro-Hamas encampments on American college campuses, who is funding these protests, and what administrators and policymakers should do about this nascent…

The Way to Address Antisemitism on College Campuses Is to Defund and Deport
150 150 Asaf Romirowsky

Here’s a snapshot of what it’s like to be Jewish on an American college campus these days: In Tulane, a Jewish student engaging classmates who were burning the Israeli flag was assaulted and had his nose broken. In Columbia, a verbal exchange about the war in Gaza escalated into an altercation, with a Jewish student…

Middle East Studies
150 150 Donna Robinson Divine

I was recently told a story about a Jewish professor of Islamic studies who, some years ago, was seen standing bewildered outside the hotel gift shop at the annual conference of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) in a North American city. When asked what he was doing there, the professor responded in a mystified…

SPME Responds to the Solidarity Statement claiming a “Repressive Climate on US Campuses”
150 150 SPME

Almost 900 academics, claiming they are “transformational educators,” with a commitment to “education, learning and safety,” signed a letter in “Opposition to the Repressive Climate on US Campuses.” Is that repressive climate the one that attacks Jews and forbids any public defense of Israel? The one that disrupts classes and library reading rooms with slogans…