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Academic Flash Mobs: Professor Proxies for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Mobs are always unseemly, but academic mobs especially so. We expect a certain detachment from the people who wear those medieval robes and funny hats, which seems inconsistent with mobbing. As importantly, we recognize (or should) that the truth with respect to complex scholarly matters is not a democratic phenomenon. As scholars we should each…

Is there room in the academy for honest scholarship on Israel?

The old joke about academia is that the arguments in the faculty lounges are so nasty because the stakes involved are so small. That’s often true about most things that go on in the narrow world of intellectual specialists, who guard their university department fiefdoms with jealous ferocity. They conduct their scholarly wars with publications…

Emory Investigation Concludes Mock Eviction Notices Weren’t Anti-Semitic

Emory University’s Senate Standing Committee on Open Expression concluded in an April 15 report that Emory Students for Justice in Palestine’s (ESJP) mock eviction notices were not anti-Semitic. The notices, which found in Emory residence halls April 2, told residents that their suites were “scheduled for demolition in three days.” They went onto say that these types of notices…

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