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An Open Letter to the President of Tufts University

Dear Dr. Anthony Monaco President, Tufts University As a former Tufts medical student, full-time academic, retired Professor of Radiology (Tufts, BU) — and a student of Middle East history — I am concerned about the academic reputation of Tufts, now that it has decided to offer a course on “Settler-Colonialism.” I requested permission to audit…

Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue Event at Syracuse University Cancelled Amid Bias Concerns, Student Says

A dialogue event on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at Syracuse University was nixed last week, allegedly over concerns about its political leanings. The event — organized as a capstone project by senior Alanna Sadler — was meant to take place on Dec. 3, with the help of the school’s Department of Jewish Studies, the Muslim Student Association, and the interfaith…

Elite universities hide information on funding from ultraconservative nation of Qatar

Qatar gave $1 billion to elite American universities since 2011, according to Department of Education data. The Qatar Foundation is suing the Texas attorney general to prevent information about Qatari funding from becoming public. Universities are taking money from Qatar, a nation with a checkered human rights history, as students rally for social justice causes.…

Supporting Faculty on Israel: Now More than Ever

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The on-campus boycott, divest, and sanctions movement (BDS) has benefited greatly from the normalizing of anti-Semitism in the US and around the world. The American university is now in many instances a toxic environment for both students and faculty who have an open mind about Israel. Those faculty who risk their jobs, tenure,…

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