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Donor yanks Israel Studies endowment at U of Washington over professor’s Israel criticism
627 480 Andrew Lapin

UPDATE: The University of Washington says the school remains committed to its Israel Studies program. Please see the latest here. The original story follows. (JTA) — The University of Washington has put its five-year-old Israel Studies Program on hold after a major donor, angry about a professor’s criticism of Israel, took her money back. Becky Benaroya, a prominent Seattle…

Jazmin Pichardo / Twitter
University of Maryland’s Anti-Semitism Task Force Chief Has History of Anti-Semitic Statements
736 514 Alex Nester

The diversity officer at the helm of the University of Maryland’s anti-Semitism task force claimed in a Facebook post that Israel was engaged in an “ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.” Jazmin Pichardo, the assistant director for diversity training and education for the university’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, shared a series of anti-Israel…

University of Washington in Seattle. Photo: Steve Ginn/Wikimedia Commons
University of Washington to Continue Israel Studies Program Despite Funding Controversy
720 360 Dion J. Pierre

The University of Washington (UW) said it will continue its Israel Studies Program (ISP) after giving back a $5 million contribution to a major funder who opposed statements made by the program’s chair. The school agreed to return the gift to prominent, Seattle-area philanthropist Becky Benaroya, who proposed adding terms to the funding after learning…

How Our Illiberal Universities Betray Liberal Democracy
1024 768 Philip Carl Salzman

The quest for knowledge at our universities has ended because knowledge is “settled”: science, philosophy, sociology, ethics, and politics are all settled. The time for questions is over; now is the time for action, for activism, for transforming society and culture. As John M. Ellis puts it in The Breakdown of Higher Education, “academia now holds…