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The Real Problem on College Campuses Is Zionophobia

A little over a year ago, I wrote a column arguing that, in many ways, anti-Zionism is more dangerous than anti-Semitism. My point was that going after the Jewish state was a sneaky way of going after the Jews. By…

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How to Achieve Woke Justice

Racial theorists and activists claim that certain minorities, mainly “people of color,” are discriminated against in America, Canada, and the West generally. The measure used to gauge racial discrimination is “representation” on the basis of the percentage of the general…

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The Invention of ‘Systemic Racism’

It is now the official view in government, industry, and education that African Americans and certain other “people of color” perform poorly in schools and the workforce, but nonetheless must be treated as if they perform well. The statistically weak…

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U of York adopts IHRA definition of antisemitism

University of York The University of York has reportedly adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism. Campaign Against Antisemitism has long urged widespread adoption of the Definition. The UK was the first country in the world to adopt the International Definition, something for which Campaign Against…

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