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Whistleblower at Smith College Resigns Over Racism

We all know that something morally grotesque is swallowing liberal America. Almost no one wants to risk talking about it out loud. Every day I get phone calls from anxious Americans complaining about an ideology that wants to pull all…

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It’s Time We Taught Anti-Semitism

Elliot W. Eisner, a longtime professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, once posited that any learning environment has three types of curricula: 1) the explicit curriculum, or what the institution says it teaches, 2) the implicit curriculum, or the…

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NYT to Jews on Campus: Stop Whining, You Deserve the Hate

Covering the campus wars over Israel, the “paper of record” once again misses the point. In a New York Times piece devoted to how pro and anti-Israel activism affects campus free speech and students’ lives, writer John Leland avoids any reference to…

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Antisemitism and Israel delegitimization on the US campus

Prof. Miriam Elman, executive director of the Academic Engagement Network (AEN), examines antisemitism and delegitimization of Israel in the U.S. academic realm. Drawing on her rich experience in the campus setting, Prof. Elman puts the phenomenon of antisemitism on US…

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New attacks on Israel and Zionism may fuel campus anti-Semitism

Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, co-founder and director of the California-based AMCHA Initiative. Credit: IU Europe Gateway. Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the fallout from the 2020 election, anti-Semitism continued to morph and grow during 2020. While the school year for many…

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