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Jewish Studies Professors for Palestine

Seeming to give credence to what wry Professor Edward Alexander referred to as the “explosive power of boredom” among some members of the professoriate, some 400 “professors of Jewish Studies in North and South America, Europe, and Israel” recently published and signed…

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Discrimination Can Be Rewarding

Last year, I wrote about a settlement in the case of Volk v. Board of Trustees. At the center of that case was one incident, in which the Jewish campus organization, Hillel, was intentionally excluded from the “Know Your Rights” fair at…

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The Gatekeepers

ABSTRACT “The Gatekeepers” describes the reaction of a handful of well established Israel Studies scholars to a special issue of the journal Israel Studies called “Word Crimes: Reclaining the Language of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”. These professors preferred to denounce rather than…

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Even In a Pandemic, Columbia Students Promote BDS

This coming Sunday, April 5, the undergraduate student council at Columbia University in New York will vote on when to schedule an online referendum that has nothing to do with the academic upheaval caused by the coronavirus. Instead, students at…

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