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Is the ACLU Still Committed to Free Speech?

*Updated, with comment from the ACLU* At the heart of the recent controversy surrounding a bipartisan effort to prevent anti-Israeli discrimination is a letter written by the American Civil Liberties Union that argues that the legislation—introduced in the Senate earlier this year—constitutes a…

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Faculty Who Say Yes to ‘Anti-Zionist’ Conspiracy Theories

Late this May, Vida Samiian, Director of Middle East Studies at California State University, Fresno, resigned. Her complaint: “the unethical and discriminatory cancellation of the Edward Said Professorship [in Middle Eastern Studies] search.” According to the administration, the search was canceled “because…

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Free Speech and Intellectual Diversity on Campus

The timely event focused on the First Amendment under siege and antisemitism in academia. Mona Charen, political analyst and syndicated columnist. Michael Poliakoff, President of The American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA).   Lauri B. Regan, senior counsel in…

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Steven Salaita Says He’s Leaving Academe

Three years after Steven Salaita lost a promised tenured position in American Indian studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign over the tone of his anti-Israel tweets, he’s leaving academe. Salaita, who had most recently been a visiting professor at…

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Challenging Violent Speech—Unless It’s About Israel

The idea that speech can itself constitute an act of violence grows ever more popular among the left’s leading polemicists. They argue that employing a politically incorrect word can be triggering; that the wrong gender pronoun can provoke; that words…

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The Science of Racism is Back

The founder of anthropology in North America was Franz Boas, a German Jew who began his work in the early 20th century, when racial explanations of human behaviour were popular. Decades before European racism would come to fruition in the Holocaust,…

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