Policy and Agenda – United Nations call for peace yet promote war. By Fiamma Nirenstein, Omedia, December 4, 2006

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The Lebanese daily “Al-Mustaqbal” warns that opposition opposition’s street demonstrations under Hizbullah’s leadership is a coup attempt, under direct orders from Syria and Iran, similarly to their meddling in the Palestinian arena

The UN has continued in its tradition of the 29’th of November (anniversary of the UN partition decision of 1947), by once again using the anti-Israeli automatic majority of the Arab states and non-aligned authoritarian countries in order to pass a series of anti Israel decisions.

It was during the month of November 1975 that UN resolution 3379 comparing Zionism to racism was passed, and in 1977, the General Assembly declared the 29 November as an annual observance Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (resolution 32/40 B ).

But this time the series of resolutions made by the GA seem to be especially bizarre. In a majority of 157 in favor to 7against, a resolution called for “peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine,” which stressed the need for Israel ’s withdrawal from the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967.

This request contradicts the 242 resolution made by the UN itself following the 1967 war. The original decision calls for a negotiated withdrawal from “territories” (not all) to secure borders. None of these 3 conditions (negotiated, territories, secure borders) are mentioned in the current GA demand.

Most important is the banner under which the resolutions where made. The decisions where supposedly made in order to bring peace while it is clear today to anyone who has eyes in his head that the implementation of these decisions would bring nothing less than war and bloodshed.

Looking at the latest withdrawal from Gaza in August 2005, one can see that it has created a free zone for Kassam launchers and a hotbed for the Hamas to build up an army and an arsenal of lethal weapons and know-how in preparation for the ext war.

Despite what some of us might hope for, reality has proven that the 14 thousand men under Abu Mazen in Gaza were never called to confront the 5000-6000 military men of the Hamas or even the smaller groups of the Islamic Jihad -in order to stop the launchers.

Secondly, it is hard to miss how all territories surrounding Israel are infested by Iran ’s proxies, all determined to destroy Israel. In Lebanon there is a fatal struggle these days which will determine if Israel ‘s northern border will become a Khumeinistic state.

The mind-set in the Middle East is shifting in a direction which insures that the idea of giving land as a solution will in fact only enable the ideological fundamentalist gangrene to further spread to consume the whole body and bring more war.

Unfortunately, the more desperate the quest for peace becomes on part of the west, the more it becomes a springboard for war:

Elements in the US administration are now pursuing for the use of Iran and Syria in order to improve the situation in Iraq. This can only be compared to paying protection money to the Mafia in order for them to protect a business that they are blackmailing in the first place. It is through and by Syria and Iran that the terrorists, weapons and know-how are disseminated into the problematic areas. Turning to Syria and Iran only empowers them and enhances their blackmail capabilities.

On the European front -Prodi’s ambition to bring a force to Gaza similar to the one in South Lebanon will simply become another manifestation of Europe’s fear and incapability of fighting terrorism when actually facing it.

We are now in a situation where the biggest Democratic powers and the United Nations are depriving themselves of their most important moral asset and strongest tool-the quest for peace. In their new approach of withdrawal and appeasement just when they claim to promote peace in fact they are promoting war.

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Policy and Agenda – United Nations call for peace yet promote war. By Fiamma Nirenstein, Omedia, December 4, 2006

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