Palestinian Media Watch: Hamas- Islam Will Conquer US and Britain by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook

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Hamas Video
A Hamas video just released on their web site focuses on the broader Palestinian Islamic ideology, promising the eventual conquering and subjugation of Christian countries under Islam. The way Israel “ran” from Gaza after terror is presented as the prototype for future Israeli and Western behavior in the face of Islamic force.

The video is a collection of statements by Hamas terrorist leader, Yasser Ghalban, killed last week by Palestinians, in the ongoing internal fighting.

To view this video, anticipating Islam’s conquering of US and Britain, click here.

The following is the transcript of selections from the Hamas video:

“We will rule the nations, by Allah’s will, the USA will be conquered, Israel will be conquered, Rome and Britain will be conquered…
The Jihad for Allah… is the way of Truth and the way for Salvation and the way which will lead us to crush the Jews and expel them from our country Palestine. Just as the Jews ran from Gaza, the Americans will run from Iraq and Afghanistan and the Russians will run from Chechnya, and the Indian will run from Kashmir, and our children will be released from Guantanamo. The prisoners will be released by Allah’s will, not by peaceful means and not by agreements, but they will be released by the sword, they will be released by the gun”.

The video identifies itself as from the “Al-Qassam Brigades Media Office.” “Al-Qassam Brigades” is the name the Hamas calls its military wing.
( June 22 2006:

Al-Qaeda Video
The ideology is similar to the Al-Qaeda ideology, and this can be seen by viewing an Al-Qaeda video seen now on many sites on the Internet, likewise anticipating battles with other religions throughout the world. “They Are Coming” is 12 minute collection of scenes of Al-Qaeda’s training around the world: Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Eritrea, Indonesia, Kashmir, Somalia, Philippines, UK, Algeria and Pakistan. This propaganda video addresses the American public with captions in English, images of dead and injured American soldiers, and threats such as: “They Are Coming”, “Start digging your graves”, and ends with a burning US flag.

Click here to see Al-Qaeda video.

Taking credit for the video is: “Al-Qaeda’s ‘Jihad Media Battalion’
June 2006

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Palestinian Media Watch: Hamas- Islam Will Conquer US and Britain by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook

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