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France suspends demand for ‘settlement’ product labeling

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France – Flash 90 French authorities reportedly have suspended their insistence on special labeling for Judea and Samaria products following a lawsuit alleging that the practice is discriminatory. The France office of Amnesty International complained about…

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Japan needs to know real aim of BDS before 2020 Olympiad

The BDS (Divest, Boycott and Sanction of Israel) movement has hit Japan. The Japan-based chapter of this organization has kicked off a campaign aimed at punishing Israel – the only democratic nation in the Middle East – serving as a marked…

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Entertainment Industry Group Works to Thwart the Cultural Efforts of BDS

A BDS demonstration outside the School of Oriental and African Studies in London in 2017. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Since its founding in 2005, the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement has targeted Israeli universities, businesses, and cultural organizations. Most recently,…

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Anti-Semitic campaign to blame Jews and Israel for U.S. police practices towards minorities shifts into overdrive

The virulently anti-Jewish and anti-peace extremist organization Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) has partnered with the organization Researching the American-Israeli Alliance (RAIA) on several new projects for its undeniably antisemitic “Deadly Exchange” campaign which, based solely on spurious accusations, singles out U.S. police department trainings in Israel for prohibition.…

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Boycott’s new target: Bulldozer companies

Anti-Israel boycott (BDS) organizations recently identified a new target. Following the planned evacuation of Khan al-Ahmar, BDS is looking to boycott the bulldozers used to demolish the illegal structures. Strategic application of measured violence and international sympathy have protected the…

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