So Wrong, It’s Scary

It’s nearly Halloween, celebrated here in the US largely as a secular holiday with fake spooks, pretend zombies, and other false scares that make it easy for us to laugh at our fears. Fittingly, the Israel-related media has covered a recent report…

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Ziva Shamir’s culture war

  Professor Ziva Shamir, a high-ranking researcher of literature in Israel and abroad, recently published a sharply worded essay against “the political anarchy in academia” • She says that university faculties have become breeding grounds for lecturers with radical world…

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HR 35 & the Boundaries of Academic Free Speech

No sooner had the California State Assembly voted on and passed House Resolution 35 (HR 35) that calls upon California public universities to “increase their efforts to swiftly and unequivocally condemn acts of anti-Semitism” than the University of California Students…

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Neologism and Nationalism

There has never been agreement about Zionism.  Not only is the idea of Jewish nationalism controversial, the very word “Zionism” arouses unique passions, as a recent controversy highlights.  It was recently reported that the Jewish Federation of North America had dropped the…

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Judith Butler and the Theodor Adorno Prize

Judith Butler, who last week received Frankfurt’s coveted Theodor Adorno Prize, came to prominence as an anti- Israel agitator almost a decade ago. In September 2002, Harvard president Lawrence Summers charged that “at Harvard and… universities across the country,” faculty-initiated…

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