L’Antisionisme sur les campus américains

Certains campus universitaires américains sont devenus depuis une dizaine d’années le terrain privilégié de l’anti-israélisme  et de l’antisionisme. Cette situation surprenante dans un pays où une large majorité de la population soutient Israël, est source d’inquiétude pour la communauté juive américaine.…

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Recognizing Hate Speech. Antisemitism on Facebook

This report tracks the response by Facebook to a catalogue of antisemitic content including that in OHPI’s 2012 report into “Aboriginal Memes and Online Hate”. A number of items discovered at the same time, but not included in OHPI’s report…

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The Changing Face of Anti-Semitism

It is a struggle to choose the term that most accurately describes the phenomenon of Jew-hatred. Judeophobia is little used because it literally means “the fear of Jews.”Anti-Judaism, which is the most literal and specific, is problematic because it suggests that Jew-hatred…

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Israel Apartheid Week – Campus Blood Libel

  Spring’s coming. Get ready for Israeli Apartheid Week on campuses across the nation. Locally last week, Harvard University got off to an early start: the college’s Palestine Solidarity Committee placed mock eviction notices on students’ doors, warning students that…

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Must we combat anti-Semitism?

I was asked the question most recently last week in the well-appointed downtown offices of a major Jewish organization. But I have heard it surprisingly often since I founded the Louis D. Brandeis Center to combat campus anti-Semitism: “Do you…

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Extremists target UK students

New analysis by campus watchdog group Student Rights has revealed that Islamic extremists appeared almost 150 times on British university campuses in 2012. The infographic (below) shows that of 214 events logged by the group, 69 percent of them took…

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