You Only Live Twice

  Samuel Sandler, an aeronautical engineer and head of the Jewish community in Versailles, France, announced a few weeks ago that he’d had the local synagogue registered as a national landmark. “My feeling is that our congregation will be gone…

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Alice Walker Got What She Deserves

Bravo to the University of Michigan for disinviting Alice Walker – and shame on Walker for reportedly spreading false rumors about Michigan’s reasons for doing so.  The University of Michigan recently withdrew a speaking invitation to the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The…

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When pigs fly…the Star of David

Singer Roger Waters, in the midst of a European tour that will include gigs in Warsaw and Germany, is upset that I called him out for anti-Semitism for introducing a Star of David on a huge inflatable pig at a recent concert in Belgium.…

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A Brick in the Wall of Anti-Semitism

Three years ago I wrote about the way rock icon Roger Waters had incorporated his anti-Israel beliefs into his act by using a Jewish symbol—the Star of David—interchangeably with those of oil companies and dollar signs in the course of a video…

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The left and Israel

What does it mean to be on the left?  I think one thing it might mean is an attachment to some kind of universalism.   That is the idea that human beings are all, in some profound way, of equal value. …

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Two faces of anti-Semitism

Are we going back in time when Nazi propaganda dehumanized Jews by depicting them as animals? A recently published  cartoon by the German Sueddeutsche Zeitung portraying Israel as a monster “Moloch” devouring weaponry is just another confirmation that anti-Semitism is still in vogue,…

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