An Abandoned Weapon in the Fight Against Hate Speech

“Jews will not replace us.” When 300 neo-Nazis marched with flaming torches through the central quad of the University of Virginia on a late Friday evening in August 2017, their message was clear. The college’s response, in contrast, was a…

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The many faces of modern anti-Semitism

The other morning, I received an email from the president of my synagogue, an invitation for the membership to attend a town hall, where “a comprehensive discussion on safety and security” would be discussed. It struck me when I read…

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“Let’s talk about anti-Semitism at @GeorgeMasonU.”

Let’s talk about anti-Semitism at @GeorgeMasonU. The second time I came to campus was for accepted students day. I ran into a club tabling called @GMUSAIA. I didn’t really have too much of an opinion on the conflict, but when…

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EHRC launches formal investigation into Labour antisemitism

The equalities watchdog has launched a formal investgiation into Labour over allegations it “unlawfully discriminated against, harassed or victimised” Jewish people. The step makes Labour only the second political party to face such a probe by the Equality and Human…

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