Brooklyn College to Play Host to Another Anti-Israel Event

Brooklyn College is again provoking passions, playing host this week to an anti-Israel activist who many, citing his published writings, believe to be anti-Semitic. Ben White, who describes himself as a writer, freelance journalist and researcher on his Twitter page,…

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Anti-Zionism: the “big” ideology

Zionism = apartheid = racism. The once reviled and then revoked UN resolution was archived and mothballed when some quick-witted people nicked the concept, hid the birth certificate, gave it a pseudo-humanitarian suit of clothes, then held aloft a rollicking…

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Hamas Activists Disrupt Campus Event on Suicide Bombers

This column is a response to a guest column published in the Alligator: “Palestinians are people with a voice” Anat Berko is a world-renowned terrorism expert who has lectured before Congress, the Department of State, the FBI, and NATO. Berko…

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Lawyers ask Department of Education to revisit anti-Semitism complaint

Two San Francisco-based lawyers have filed an appeal asking the U.S. Department of Education to revisit a previously dismissed complaint alleging that UC Berkeley administrators failed to respond to a hostile campus environment for Jewish students. Lawyers Joel Siegal and…

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Hecklers Flee Israeli Speaker at U of Florida

Anat Berko is a small-framed woman known for her ubiquitous yards long braid.  She is also one of the world’s leading counter terrorism experts who has sat in prison cells next to some of the most dangerous serial killers and…

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