U.S. Government Fails to Enforce Law to Protect Jewish Students

With the start of a new school year, there’s reason to be concerned: Anti-Semitism is a serious problem on some college campuses, causing Jewish students to feel threatened and even fear for their safety. Yet the U.S. government is not enforcing…

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Two more UC campuses exonerated of fostering anti-Semitic climates

The U.S. Department of Education has exonerated two more UC campuses — Irvine and Santa Cruz — of allegations that they fostered anti-Semitic climates by allowing protests against Israeli policies and other incidents that Jewish students contended amounted to illegal harassment. UC…

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Rejecting Hatred is Not Rejecting Free Speech

Author Alice Walker was invited then disinvited to the University of Michigan’s Center for the Education of Women celebration of its 50th anniversary.  On her blog Walker blamed “removal of funding from…donors, because of…comments regarding Israel”. Walker has done more…

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Alice Walker Kerfuffle at University of Michigan

Novelist Alice Walker was invited, then disinvited, from speaking at the Univeristy of Michigan’s Center for the Education of Women’s fifiteth anniversary celebration. Walker claims that the disinvitation came because of pressure from pro-Israel donors. The Center claims that they…

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You Only Live Twice

  Samuel Sandler, an aeronautical engineer and head of the Jewish community in Versailles, France, announced a few weeks ago that he’d had the local synagogue registered as a national landmark. “My feeling is that our congregation will be gone…

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Campus Racists Again Fail to Turn Students Against Israel (Part 2)

“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” might be the official motto of the pro-Israel community. Each summer groups anticipate anti-Israel activity will flare up on America’s campuses and work to prepare campus professionals and students to respond.…

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