Boycotting Israeli universities: A victory for bigotry

The American Studies Association has just issued its first ever call for an academic boycott. No, it wasn’t against China, which imprisons dissenting academics. It wasn’t against Iran which executes dissenting academics. It wasn’t against Russia whose universities fire dissenting academics.…

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A Vote Against Israel and Academic Freedom

With American colleges and universities imperiled by a bad economy, declining enrollment and persistently high costs, a group of scholars gathered last month in Washington, D.C., to discuss the crisis. No, not that crisis. I mean the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. That’s…

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Roger Waters’s Anti-Jewish Paranoia

If you want to get supporters of boycotts against Israel into high dudgeon just try observing, as Larry Summers has, that such boycotts are “anti-Semitic in their effect if not necessarily in their intent.” Summers has called the most recent boycott…

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An End to Academic Prejudice against Israel

Alas, the question has to be repeated over and over again. Will the politically ignorant American academics in our midst, so eager to attack Israel, ever accept the principle that truth is transmitted by academic freedom? Will those academics at…

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Even in Academia, Boycotting Israel Is a Hard Sell

The weekend before Thanksgiving the American Studies Association, at its annual meeting, considered an academic boycott of Israel. As of Thanksgiving, the ASA’s National Council had not taken action, though the proposed resolution had wide support at the meeting. I have written…

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A culture of anti-Semitic poison at Al-Quds University

THEY WEREN’T wearing swastika armbands or chanting “sieg heil!” during the Islamic Jihad rally this month on the campus of Al-Quds University. They didn’t need to. Everything about the event reeked of fascism and anti-Semitic bloodlust. Demonstrators at the Palestinian school paraded in…

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