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On campus, pro-Palestinian activists use anti-war forum to spread message
150 150 Rachel Pomerance

On campus, pro-Palestinian activists use anti-war forum to spread message By Rachel Pomerance April 1, 2003 WASHINGTON, April 1 (JTA) – Since military action against Iraq began, American college campuses have erupted in protests against the war – many of them including aspects of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel rhetoric. “I personally think that” the Iraq war and…

Erased In A Moment: Suicide Bombing Attacks Against Israeli Civilians
150 150 Human Rights Watch

Gaza, November 1, 2002) The people responsible for planning and carrying out suicide bombings that deliberately target civilians are guilty of crimes against humanity and should be brought to justice, Human Rights Watch said in a new report today. “The people who carry out suicide bombings are not martyrs, they’re war criminals, and so are…

College Presidents Decry Intimidation on Campuses
150 150 The American Jewish Committee

“In the current period of world wide political turmoil that threatens to damage one of our country’s greatest treasures-colleges and universities- we commit ourselves to academic integrity in two ways. We will maintain academic standards in the classroom and we will sustain an intimidation-free campus. These two concepts are at the core of our profession.…

A Challenge to House Master Hanson
150 150 Alan M. Dershowitz

In my 38 years of teaching at Harvard Law School, I don’t recall ever writing in praise of any action by a Harvard president, but this time I must congratulate President Lawrence H. Summers for his willingness to say out loud what many of us in the Harvard community have long believed: namely, that singling…