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Exchange with the Harvard School of Public Health
150 150 Gerald M. Steinberg

The following email exchange concerns the political analysis presented by the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research (HPCR), Harvard School of Public Health, regarding political bias in the HPCR website on Israel’s separation barrier: 1) From: Prof. Gerald M. Steinberg Director, Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation Political Studies, Bar Ilan University Ramat Gan,…

Letter from the British Medical Journal showing bias against Israeli authors in certain science publications.
150 150 Herve Seligmann

Letter More transparency in reviewing is called for EDITOR-The recent calls for boycotting Israeli scienceassume that Israeli authors are as likely to publish as others.1 In fact, nations are differentially represented in scientificjournals. The total number of publications from a given country might be expected to correlate positively with the number from that country in…

Jewish students playing a “high stakes game,” professor says
150 150 David Lazarus

College students have a duty to respond to “hate speech” about Israel coming from their professors, the leader of a newly formed advocacy group of Jewish professors told a recent student symposium. “Your job is not only to listen. Your job is to report and record it,” Prof. Ed Beck told about 50 students at…

On campus, pro-Palestinian activists use anti-war forum to spread message
150 150 Rachel Pomerance

On campus, pro-Palestinian activists use anti-war forum to spread message By Rachel Pomerance April 1, 2003 WASHINGTON, April 1 (JTA) – Since military action against Iraq began, American college campuses have erupted in protests against the war – many of them including aspects of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel rhetoric. “I personally think that” the Iraq war and…