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Mansdorf, Canadian J Psychiatry exchange
150 150 Irwin J. Mansdorf

Q. Rae-Grant, MDEditor-in-chiefCanadian Journal of PsychiatryMay 30, 2004 Dear Editor: In “The prevalence of psychological morbidity in West Bank Palestinian Children”, [1] serious omissions presenting the data were present. Moreover, clearly biased and undocumented statements attributing causality on the basis of political, rather than scientific considerations were made. Notwithstanding the rate of emotional and behavioral…

Response to IHLRI
150 150 SPME

Dear Prof. Bloom,In the first paragraph of your response to my inquiry, you wrote “I have examined the issues, namely: the relation of IHLRI to the mission of the Program, the procedures and scope of input into IHLRI content, and its responsiveness to comments and criticism.” Unfortunately, the rest of your letter and the references…

Faculty hold the key to improving Israel’s image on campus
150 150 Rachel Pomerance

NEW YORK, May 19 (JTA) – The belief that students are the main instigators of anti-Israel activity on college campuses is wrong – it’s actually the faculty. At least, that’s the premise of a soon-to-be released report by the Israel on Campus Coalition, a group of 27 Jewish organizations that aid pro-Israel activists at U.S.…

Response to Unison
150 150 SPME

From Gerald Steinberg: UNISON – is a major UK trade union with 1.5 million members, specializingin healthcare related professions. Its recent general membershippublication includes the attached highly offensive article on the“wailingwall”, which cites a notoriously anti-Israel NGO known as MAP. Wehave been asked to submit replies as soon as possible for publication viaDoreen Gerson <…