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Steve Bowman, Judaic Studies, University of Cincinnati, Asks ” What’s Wrong With A Strong Israel Lobby?”

Other than paying lip service to anti-Semitism, antisemitism and antisemitism, what is wrong with a strong Israel lobby? It is de rigeur for survival in Washington and, aside from Judeophobes and others, e*v*e*r*y*o*n*e would like to have a strong lobby to influence their position in Washington. Examples: Christian Evangilists, oil, tobacco, weapons, gambling, liquor, pharmaceuticals,…

Barry Rubin Responds to Michael Moskow

Thank you for your note. The best full critiques of the paper have been done by Alan Dershowitz, Mitchell Bard, Martin Kramer, and Benny Morris, all touching on different aspects. All are available online. On Halimi, I assume this was put in so that the paper would seem more balanced and sympathetic about “real” antisemitism.…

PSU’s President Spanier: Student Can Show Art

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