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Steinberg, Diabetes Voice exchange

Success: Following the correspondence with NGO Monitor, Dr. John Cohn, and others, the editors of Diabetes Voice have removed the highly propagandistic abstract of a forthcoming paper allegedly dealing with diabetes in Gaza. The revised version of the abstract can be found at The full paper, which is written by the head of the…


No. 522 15-29 Elul 5764 / 1-15 September 2004 FROM GAZA TO HARVARD: THE POLITICIZATION OF MENTAL HEALTH AND THE EDUCATION OF PALESTINIAN CHILDREN Irwin J. Mansdorf Academic and professional reports implicating Israeli policy and actions in the deterioration of the mental health and education of Palestinian children are characterized by questionable scientific methodology and…

SPME Public newsletter January

Sir/Madam: “Beacon of Hope” by Sarah Irving and Marc Hudson (3 December 2004) presents an inspiring description of a health program run by and for Palestinians. However, the article’s depiction of the conditions in which the Bethlehem Arab Society Rehabilitation Clinic functions is incomplete. The authors ascribe psychological and other problems affecting the population served…

Read the verbatim “Breaking the Silence” testimony for yourself

Send response to journal:Re: Re: Read the verbatim “Breaking the Silence” testimony for yourself Derek Summerfield suggests that his critics read “Breaking the Silence,” posted on the internet. I have done so and suggest that his supporters also read it. In these 78 pages of testimony, we find three accounts of armed Palestinian police killed,…

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