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Irwin J. Mansdorf

Irwin J. Mansdorf : Is Israel a Colonial State? Israel’s creation, far from being a foreign colonial transplant, can actually be seen as the vanguard of and impetus for decolonialization of the entire Middle East, including a significant part of the Arab world, following the fall of the…

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Irwin J. Mansdorf: Refusal to Accept a Jewish State,0,6102022.story Raanana, ISRAEL For anyone who wants to know why there is so much suspicion on the part of Israelis as to the real intentions of the Palestinian people, just listen to Saeb Erekat. Mr. Erekat, who is the chief…

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No. 522 15-29 Elul 5764 / 1-15 September 2004 FROM GAZA TO HARVARD: THE POLITICIZATION OF MENTAL HEALTH AND THE EDUCATION OF PALESTINIAN CHILDREN Irwin J. Mansdorf Academic and professional reports implicating Israeli policy and actions in the deterioration of…

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Response to IHT

To the Editor: Roger Avenstrup (“Where is all that incitement?” IHT, December 18-19, 2004) blithely writes that the 2003 report of the Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) contends that the overall orientation of the Palestinian curriculum is “peaceful”.…

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