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Divisive pro-BDS student leader ousted in UK

British university students have dumped a controversial leader of the National Union of Students who three years ago spoke out passionately in support of violent Palestinian “resistance,” insisted it should not be considered terrorism, and criticized the notion that “Palestine”…

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Amnesty International Takes Part in Apartheid Week South Africa

The latest example of Amnesty International’s anti-Israel activity occurred during the weeks of March 6 and March 27, 2017 in South Africa, when Amnesty’s campus clubs took part in “Israel Apartheid Week” (IAW). Annually, events take place on campuses around…

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Concerns raised over students’ unions’ anti-Israel stance

Concerns over some students’ unions’ support for a boycott of Israel are being looked into by the Charity Commission, the BBC has learned. Seventeen student bodies have endorsed the BDS movement – which calls for an international boycott of Israel…

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Mass. Democrats move to kill Israel resolution

After fierce backlash from state party leaders, Massachusetts Democrats are moving to formally kill a provocative proposal for the state committee to declare opposition to Israeli settlements in the West Bank without specifically mentioning Palestinian violence. A party subcommittee voted…

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Holy Land Principles. Gateway Drug to Full BDS?

Yet one more reason you shouldn’t ignore the proxy statements that show up in your mail. Marriott International has more than 6000 properties in over 122 countries and territories around the world. Next month at their annual shareholder meeting, they…

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