Real Anti-Semitism on Campus

At Ithaca College, of six “bias-related incidents” reported in 2017-18, three were “cases of aggravated harassment involving swastikas.” One Jewish student there reported that a mezuzah “was knocked off of his door and damaged.” At Western Washington University’s library, seven…

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Israel Again Attacked at NYU

On the last Thursday in March, as Jewish students were busy getting ready for Passover the very next day, a coalition of anti-Israel activists at New York University shepherded a resolution through the Student Government Assembly and the Student Senators Council, demanding…

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Apparent Anti-Semitic, Racist Vandalism Riles Scripps

Scripps College is currently investigating two different incidents of vandalism, one of which involves someone posting a flyer (pictured above) with apparent anti-Semitic commentary on a Jewish student’s door, and another where racist graffiti was written on flyers affixed to…

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