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Call for Papers for two Conferences to be held in Shanghai, China June 2012

Conference I

Israeli Studies in China

Introducing One Ancient Civilization to Another


Thursday-Friday, 21-22 June 2012

ShanghaiInternational Studies University(SHISU)


Conference II

Future History

Civil Society vs. State from a

Traditional and Modern Perspective


Sunday-Monday, 24-25 June 2012

Fudan Institute for Advanced Study in Social Sciences (IAS-Fudan), Shanghai China

Call for Papers I: Israeli Studies

Israel and the Jewish people are a veritable enigma to the Chinese. Stemming from a Confucian as opposed to Judeo-Christian background, the Chinese find the history and culture of Israel and the Jews to be foreign and unfamiliar. At the same time there is growing interest in learning about Israel and its people.

This conference will host Chinese academics from newly formed Israel Studies Programs around the country as well as university faculty interested in establishing or investigating Israel Studies and Israeli scholars presenting on key fields of study that provide insights into Israel’s society, history, politics, economics, culture, foreign affairs, and diplomacy.

Call for Papers II: Future History

The People`s Republic of China and The State of Israel are both relatively new states, both created within 15 months of each other.  Yet both are leaning on ancientand rich historical and religious traditions. In both China and Israel, this history deeply informs their present identity as a nation.

This conference looks at how the long religious, cultural, traditional history led to the present modern nations we know today.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

·         How the two ancient cultures reflected in their respective modern states have a mutual responsibility the future development and stability of both regions.

·         Memorializing History

o   Holocaust

o   NanjingMassacre

·         Modern Literature – how it reflects the ancient historical societies of China and Israel

·         How the Modern Economies of China and Israel reflect their ancient history religion and traditions

·         Ethnicity & Minorities – the cultural contribution of the modern manifestation of these ancient traditions of the ‘other’.

·         The Influence of religion on the fashioning of nation – China and Israel

o   China’s religion history as compared to the Jewish history of the people of Israel –  evolution of the religions and how they are manifested in China’s and Israel’s modern State

o   Morality & Ethics

·         Translation, language teaching and linguistics aspect of Hebrew and Chinese languages

·         China’s Studies in Israel and Israeli Studies in China


·         Submissions of  an abstractup to 300 words and 3-4 bibliographical references should be submitted by email

·         Scholars may submit a 20 minute oral presentation, and/or apresentation for a full session or symposium.

·         Proposals should be sent on the form below


One submission may be made for and presented at both conferences with a customized approach addressing the conference focus.


·         Deadline for Submission: March 1st 2012

·         Responses will be sent by March 15th 2012 after being peer-reviewed.


For both conferences, accommodations and local travel within Shanghai will be provided to academics whose call for paper has been accepted.


·         Please send all correspondence and inquiries


Organizing Committee

Dr. Danielle Gurevitch (chair), Professor Deng Zhenglai, Dr. Daniel Lin, Carice Witte


Advisory Board

Prof. Naran Bilik, Prof. Guo Sujian, Dr. Alon Levkovitz, Dr. Ran Shauli,  Michal Seltzer-Lavid,  Noam Urbach.


Submission form

Please check if you are submitting for one or both conferences:


          Call for Paper I: Israeli Studies

21-22 June 2012

Shanghai International Studies University (SHISU)


          Call for Paper II: Future History

 24-25 June 2012

Fudan Institute for Advanced Study in Social Sciences (IAS-Fudan), Shanghai China



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Call for papers

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