The State of Israel’s Policy Towards the Palestinian Government

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The following is the Israeli government policy as approved on March 17, 2007, following the establishment of the Palestinian government.

(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

1. In light of the fact that the new Palestinian government, based on the platform formulated and approved by it, does not accept the principles of the international community: recognition of Israel’s right to exist, elimination of terror and the dismantling of terrorist infrastructure, and recognition of the agreements signed with Israel including the Roadmap, Israel will not be able to work with the government or any of its ministers.

2. Israel will continue to work with Mahmoud Abbas in order to advance issues of security and issues pertaining to improving the quality of living of the Palestinian population.

3. The Palestinian government’s platform, which include, inter alia, the use of terror as a legitimate right, the acceptance of previous agreements with Israel based only in accordance with Palestinian interests, as well as limitations the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority took upon himself, including bringing any agreement with Israel to the authorization of the new Palestinian National Council and the Palestinian Diaspora, gives, in essence, a veto right to Hamas and other terrorist organizations over any agreement that would be reached with Israel, and limits the possibilities and range of topics which Israel can discuss with the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority.

4. Israel will continue to demand that the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority implement his obligations: to bring about the unconditional release of the abducted soldier Gilad Shalit, to stop Kassam missile attacks, to dismantle the terrorist organizations and their infrastructure in the Palestinian Authority and to fully implement the first stage of the Roadmap.

5. Israel expects the international community to maintain the policy it has taken over the past year of isolating the Palestinian government, until it recognizes the three principles of the Quartet.

6. Israel has not changed its position; Israel is for peace with the Palestinians according to the Roadmap. Israel stands for a two state solution. Israel is ready to initiate contacts with any government in the Palestinian Authority, whatever the composition of it may be, which fulfills the conditions of the international community, and will be willing to discuss all issues with it

The State of Israel’s Policy Towards the Palestinian Government

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