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Israel Science and Technology Homepage

Israel Science and Technology Homepage is the national database and directory of science and technology related sites in Israel. The site also includes sections on Jewish scientists and students in the Diaspora. It contains also a section on the Arab-Israeli…

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Jewish Policy Center

A conservative Washington D.C. based think tank focused on foreign and domestic policymaking but tend to concentrate on terrorism and Israel.

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Israel At Heart

ISRAEL AT HEART brings the real faces and stories of israeli students who completed their military service and who are fluent in English to college, campuses, communities, and various organizations in the U.S.A and Canada. The students that travelled to…

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The Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem

It all started here. The Midrash states that the dust for the creation of Man came from Mt. Moriah, the Temple Mount. Abraham bound Isaac on the same spot and Jacob had his dream with the angels here. King David…

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United Jewish Communities

United Jewish Communities of North America United Jewish Communities represents and serves 156 Jewish federations and 400 independent Jewish communities across North America. It reflects the values of social justice and human rights that define the Jewish people.

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Jewish National Fund

Jewish National Fund is the caretaker of the land of Israel, on behalf of its owners – Jewish people everywhere

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