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Why Don’t the British Like Israel?

A recent poll showed that Britons regarded Israel less favorably than any other country besides North Korean. The results came as a shock to Israelis and supporters of Israel, but they shouldn’t have. After all, British supporters of the boycott, divestment…

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Are Jews safe in Europe?

Last week’s terrorist attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris underscored a fear that has been growing in recent years: Europe is no longer safe for Jews. The continent has seen 13 deaths related to lethal anti-Semitism since the summer…

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Poor Aim, Wrong Target

Several recent initiatives reveal the deep intent of many academic BDS supporters to attack Israel at any price, even if their own credibility and integrity foot the bill. Princeton professors, upset by last summer’s Gaza fighting, declared only one party guilty…

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What Type of Zionism is Acceptable?

  Among the most pernicious consequences of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) movement has been the wedge driven between Israel and liberal Americans, including liberal American Jews. The relentless misappropriation of human rights and anti-racist discourse, the slanderous talk…

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Has Israel damaged Palestinian health?

AN EVIDENCE-BASED ANALYSIS OF THE NATURE AND IMPACT OF ISRAELI PUBLIC HEALTH POLICIES PRACTICES IN THE WEST BANK AND GAZA. The incendiary claim that Israel has deliberately damaged the health of the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza Strip…

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Garden Variety Israel Bashing in the Garden State

More than fifty tenured Princeton academics recently signed a petition urging divestment from companies which supply military-related equipment to Israel.  The organizers hope that many more of their colleagues will join them.  The petition threw the local Jewish community into…

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