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The rise of German academic BDS

A German University seminar designed to teach that Israel harvests Palestinians’ organs ignited a new debate about anti-Semitism this week. There is, however, a kind of poverty to the discussion. Anti-Semitism without anti-Semites largely captures the parameters of the debate…

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Lecture gives historical perspective on anti-Judaism

Students at the UW are often encouraged to approach issues from a holistic perspective, providing them with a deeper understanding and asking them to question what they know. This holistic perspective was the focus of the “Anti-Judaism Past and Present”…

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Kent State professor case: When does academic speech justify FBI probe?

Reports that Kent State professor Julio Pino has been under investigation on suspicion of links to the Islamic State have re-sparked debates about balancing security concerns with the protection of free speech and academic freedom. Most colleges and universities strive…

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Anti-Semitism and other hatreds

Jews remain an easy target. BDS is the best example. Its leadership is Palestinian, but its appeal is wider. It’s attained the support of students and faculty members at supposedly distinguished universities, as well as assorted labor groups and a…

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An Unexpected Voice in the Anti-BDS Camp

About 100 people filled the auditorium of Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El in Wynnewood on Nov. 4 to hear a different perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Bassem Eid, former director of the Jerusalem-based Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (PHRMG), told the…

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