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Nadav Morag: On Balance, Israel Won This Round

On balance, Israel won this round Hizbullah has not made significant progress toward any long-term goals. By Nadav Morag LOS ANGELES For the past four decades, Israelis have not been able to taste true, flat-out military victory in their multiple…

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Dennis Ross: A Cease-Fire Reality: Dealing With Syria

In 1993 and 1996 I helped broker understandings that brought conflicts between Hezbollah and Israel to an end. Both times Hezbollah instigated warfare with Katyusha rocket fire into Israel and Israel retaliated, determined to damage Hezbollah’s capacity for making war…

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Denis MacEoin- Has the Firing Really Ceased

Dr. Denis MacEoin is a former lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies and a specialist in Iranian Shi’ism. Ceasefires are like rites of passage: you hope to go in one end as one thing and to come out the other…

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Condolezza Rice: A Path to Lasting Peace

For the past month the United States has worked urgently to end the violence that Hezbollah and its sponsors have imposed on the people of Lebanon and Israel. At the same time, we have insisted that a truly effective cease-fire…

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Gerald Steinberg: Meanwhile, Back in Terheran

The war against Hizbullah has pushed the latest developments in theWestern effort to halt Iran’s nuclear weapons program from the headlines. The two issues are clearly linked – Hizbullah is armed by andfunctions as Iran’s vanguard force – even if…

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