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Campus Jihad in the UK

LONDON — U.K. intelligence officials have just provided a chilling assessment of the terrorist threat Britain faces. The country has become “al Qaeda target No. 1,” security sources told me, confirming last week’s press reports. Intelligence services now judge Britain’s…

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Prof. Bokser Liwerant teaches Political Science at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, where she heads the Graduate School of Political and Social Sciences; Prof. DellaPergola teaches at the A. Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry of the Hebrew University of…

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Ending the Palestinian Political Stalemate: Abbas’s Electoral Option, By Mohammed Yaghi and Ben Fishman, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, PolicyWatch #1153, October 12, 2006

Since the breakdown in talks over the formation of a unity government in mid-September, the Palestinian political environment has become more dangerous and dysfunctional. Paralyzed by ongoing international economic and political isolation, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has essentially ceased to…

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