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SPME Faculty Profile: Joel Fishman

Biographical Statement: Joel Fishman was born in Winston-Salem, N. C. and has lived in Israel since 1972. He grew up in Brookline, MA, received his B.A. from Tufts University, and his Ph. D. in modern European history from Columbia University.…

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SPME Faculty Profile: Alan Dershowitz

Professor Alan M. Dershowitz is a Brooklyn native who has been called “the nation’s most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer,” one of the “most distinguished defenders of individual rights,” and “Israel’s single most visible defender – the Jewish state’s lead attorney…

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When is free speech not free?

Few rights are dearer to the American people than freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly. But there are legal and rational limits to these rights. Incitement to violence, to unlawful activity, or to the violent overthrow of the…

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The “Missing Peace” Is Missing Pieces

Ambassador Ross has written an amazing book. The Missing Peace (Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, New York, 2004) tells in 815 pages of excruciating “blow-by-blow” detail the story of how over almost two decades, three American presidents, three Secretaries of State,…

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Arafat’s New “One State Solution”

Michael Tarazi must think that Americans never read newspapers (especially Front Page Magazine) or watch TV. His Op-Ed piece in Sunday’s NY Times (cf. infra, “Two Peoples, One State”, 10.3.04) presents readers with a masterpiece of mendacity. Almost every sentence…

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