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Irwin Mansdorf Response to PsySR

Irwin Mansdorf Response to PsySR Raanana, ISRAEL Once again, a group of politically driven academics have blindly demonstrated why rational science and political activism do not always mesh well with each other. This time, its the turn of “Psychologists for…

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False Diagnosis

Yesterday, November 17, the self-declared “social justice” group Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) hand-delivered an anti-Israel statement to the White House, the leadership of the House of Representatives, and the Senate. In it, they “condemn the Israeli Army’s use of…

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A New Terrorism Phase

By now the world has gotten used to the fact that following every heinous terrorist attack, be it in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or London, public officials first issue a rash of condemnations. Next come the adoption of some new…

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Response to IHT

To the Editor: Roger Avenstrup (“Where is all that incitement?” IHT, December 18-19, 2004) blithely writes that the 2003 report of the Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) contends that the overall orientation of the Palestinian curriculum is “peaceful”.…

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Irwin Mansdorf’s letter in the Brit Med Journal

Letter Palestine: the assault on health and other war crimes Summerfield’s outrage is misplaced EDITOR-Summerfield’s jump from psychiatrist to attorney,judge, and jury is a classic example of the inappropriate useof science and medicine to promote specific political views.1 Any reasonable…

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BMJ: Summerfield’s fictions and agenda of hatred

Prof. and Director of the Program on Conflict ManagementBar Ilan University, Israel Send response to journal:Re: BMJ: Summerfield’s fictions and agenda of hatred Editors, Derek Summerfield’s article consists of numerous fictitious claims designed to exploit medical and health norms to…

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