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Book Review: Fratricide in the Holy Land By Avner Falk

The unconscious aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict “A rich combination of history, culture, religion, and psychology…A most engaging, articulate, and sensible overview that isremarkably nonpartisan.”-Library Journal (Pub Date: February 17, 2005; $35.00, 0-299-20250-X Cloth, Available for $23.10 from at…

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Anti-Israel Sentiment Predicts Anti-Semitism in Europe by Edward H. Kaplan and Charles A. Small, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 50, No. 4, 548-561 (2006), August 2006

Edward H. Kaplan School of Management, Yale University; Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, School of Medicine, Yale University; Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Yale University Charles A. Small Institute for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University, Institute for the Study of…

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