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SPME UCLA Chapter Holds First Meeting- Report from Leila Beckwith and Bert Raven
150 150 Leila Beckwith and Bert Raven UCLA SPME Chapter Coordinators

Eleven people attended, with six others unable to come, but wishing to remain on the email list. Among the concerns discussed was the need to clarify our mission. Several people questioned the title of our group, “Scholars for Peace in the Middle East” as suggesting two quite different emphases: 1) an engagement in peace making,…

Brandeis Crown Center Presents Programs on Iran and Iraq
150 150 SPME

The Crown Center is delighted to welcome Mazier Bahari to Brandeis to show several of his films and speak about his work. Maziar Bahari is an award winning documentary filmmaker. His films include Football, Iranian Style, and Along Came a Spider, for which he received an Emmy nomination in 2005. He is also the Newsweek…

Dr. Danny Kaplan: Missing Soldiers and the Politics of Friendship in Israel
150 150 SPME

The Taub Center for Israel Studies at New York University Invites you to a lecture by: Dr. Danny Kaplan of Hebrew University (He is also a visiting scholar here at Columbia in the Department of Sociology.) Missing Soldiers and the Politics of Friendship in Israel Monday, October 30th, 5 pm Screening Room, First FloorKing Juan…

Steven Albert on Health Crisis in Gaza, Lancet, Vol 368 October 14, 2006
150 150 Steven M. Albert

Sharmila Devi’s World Report on health conditions in Gaza[1] cites only Palestinian, non-governmental, and UN sources; not a single Israeli source was consulted. This in itself would not be a problem except that these sources are hardly disinterested parties. Confidence in the report is further undermined by unsupported claims such as miscarriages or premature labour…