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Wahid Wahdat-Hagh: The Goals of Militant Islamist Terrorism

The ideological goal of militant Islamist terrorism is to found Islamic Sharia-run states, that is, new caliphates established on the basis of the anachronistic values of “feqh”-the process of carrying out Islamic law. As history shows, such states would resemble…

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Joseph Lelyveld: Jimmy Carter and Apartheid

Perhaps an intrepid researcher will one day go through the many Internet pages that make assertions pro and con on the question of whether Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories can properly be assessed as ‘apartheid.’ Then we may be…

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Melanie Phillips: The Spinelessness of Leeds University

For Jewish students, Leeds university has for some time been a source of growing concern. Such students have been forced to run a gauntlet of anti-Jewish prejudice dressed in the familiar camouflage of anti-Israel sentiment, as in the notorious (and…

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Rashid Khalidi to Justify US Support of New “Unity” Government and to “encourage immediate direct Palestinian-Israeli and Syrian-Israeli final status peace talks”

in Brit Tzedek Conference Call Open to Public on March 26Question and Answer to Follow- Instructions for Call Below************************************* THE U.S. CONNECTION:The Palestinian Unity Government & Final-Status Peace Talks TOWN HALL CONFERENCE CALLwith Dr. Rashid Khalidi Monday, March 26 at…

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Khaled Abu Toameh: The Peace Process: Straight Talk on Palestine

Even before the Palestinian “unity” government was sworn in Saturday at least five European countries announced that they would resume their business with the Hamas-led coalition. The U.S. has endorsed Israel’s position on the Palestinian government–namely, that its political platform…

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Marvin Kalb: The Media as Weapon

The Following is excerpted from Foundation for Defense of Democracy newsletter, with a link to a Harvard report by Marvin Kalb. THE MEDIA AS WEAPON: Veteran journalist Marvin Kalb has authored a new report on coverage of the Israeli-Hizbullah War…

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