SPME Welcomes New Members and Returning Contributors- The List is Growing and Your Name Could be Here…Thank You

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Scholars for Peace in the Middle East welcomes the following new members and returning contributors. If ever there was a time to join and become involved with building an academic community of over nearly 5600 scholars and friends world wide to sustain the important work of promoting academic integrity, academic excellence and honest debate in improving the narrative of the Middle East conflict on campus.

Please show your support as have the wonderful colleagues by going to: www.spme.net/donation.html . Thank you.

Ellen Avery, Towson State University

Haym Benaroya, Rutgers University

Berel Dov Lerner, Western Galilee College

Edna Eraz, Kent State University

John Felstiner, Stanford University

Amihai Glazer, University of California-Irvine

Lorraine and Martin Hoffinger, West Palm Beach, FL

Peter Gomori, St. Francis College

Ted V. Jacobson, Canada

Louis Kirshenbaum, University of Rhode Island

Maurice Lavian

Esther Marine, University of Pittsburgh

Sadredin (Dean) Moosavi, Walden University

Hessy Taft, St. John’s University

Ilan Troen, Brandeis and Bar-Ilan Universities

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East is registered with the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit, educational charitable organization. The official registration and financial information of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, Inc. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, with Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999 or calling (717) 783-1720 outside of Pennsylvania.

Once again, thank you.

Edward S. Beck, Ed.D., CCMHC, NCC, LPC, President
Walden University, Alvernia College, Susquehanna Institute

Board of Directors

Jonathan Adelman, Ph.D., University of Denver
Steven Albert, Ph.D., MPH, University of Pittsburgh
Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D., City U. of New York
John R. Cohn, MD, Thomas Jefferson University
Donna Robinson Divine, Ph.D., Smith College
Stanley Dubinsky, Ph.D., U. of South Carolina
Rev. India E. Garnett, M.Div. Treasurer, Harrisburg PA Chapter, United Church of Christ
Rabbi Peter Haas, Ph.D. Case Western Reserve U.
Judith Jacobson, Dr. P.H., Vice President, Columbia U.
Efraim Karsh, Kings College U. of London
Richard Landes,Ph.D. Boston U.
Ruth Lichtenberg-Contreras, Ph.D., Secretary, U. of Vienna and Natural History Museum of Vienna
Allan Lipton, MD, Penn State College of Medicine, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Robert S. Mirin, Esq., Harrisburg, PA
G.S. Don Morris, Ph.D.,California Polytechnic U./Wingate Institute IL
Nidra Poller, Novelist, Paris, France
Philip Carl Salzman,Ph.D. McGill U.
Gerald Steinberg, Ph.D., Bar Ilan U.

SPME Welcomes New Members and Returning Contributors- The List is Growing and Your Name Could be Here…Thank You

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Edward S. Beck

Co-Founder and President Emeritus, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

Contributing Faculty Member, Walden University






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