SPME Still Needs Your Contributions for Matching Grants, Please Be Generous

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Dear SPME Colleagues,

We are fortunate to have two matching grants programs.

The first is a grant for new donors and donor increases from last year and previous years. For every new donor and donor who increases their contribution from last year, those new monies when they are totaled to $100,000 will be matched with a grant for $25,000. With each increase of $100,000 in new donors will be another $25,000 up to a total of $100,000 for $400,000 collected. This is quite achievable if everyone receiving this Faculty Forum contributed $75 or more.

The second matching grant is for donors of $150 or more which will be matched by a $50.00 contribution by another donor. This grant is for all donors through the end of April, 2010.

Your contributions and these matching grants will help us revive our SPME Faculty Fellowship Summer Institute in Israel Program which is a competitive program where we send faculty to Israel to collaborate with Israeli colleagues.

These contributions also go to help Scholars for Peace in the Middle East as we develop chapters in the Philadelphia area, the University of California-Berkeley and University of California-Irvine and our newest chapter SPME France.

Please click here to contribute. Your contribution means more now than ever as our impact and influence is expanding in addressing the anti-Israel narrative. Please be as generous as you can realizing every gift is meaningful and appreciated keeping us independent and self governed.

Thanks very much, in advance for your generosity.

Dr. Ed Beck
Co-Founder and Past President SPME
Professor, Walden University, Schools of Psychology and Counseling and Social Sciences

SPME Still Needs Your Contributions for Matching Grants, Please Be Generous

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Edward S. Beck

Co-Founder and President Emeritus, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

Contributing Faculty Member, Walden University






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