Report of the SPME BDS Task Force

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In recent weeks and months, the SPME Task Force has been monitoring developments throughout the world. It is developing strategies and responses for faculty to both student and faculty-led boycott, divestment and sanctions in the United States, Europe and South Africa.

As is typical in these emerging boycott movments during the academic year in academic institutions, the Fall Semester is a time of taking the campus readiness temperature to developing campaigns during the Winter or Spring Semesters. In California, France and South Africa among other places, efforts are underway at a number of universities to develop a well-coordinated series of BDS events and campaigns designed to demonize and delegitimize Israel.

The SPME Task Force, chaired by Ed Beck, President-Emeritus of SPME and consisting of Nobel Laureates, Steven Weinberg and Roger Kornberg, along with Alan Dershowitz, Judea Pearl, Ruth Contreras, Adam De la Zerda, Ronnie Fraser, Guy Kornberg, Gerry.Leisman and Ilan Troen have been working independently and collaboratively in the previously mention areas and in Israel with targeted institutions to develop both impactual proactive and reactive strategies to the seemingly increasing number of calls for BDS being carefully orchestrated.

SPME Executive Director, Sam Edelman is serving as SPME’s Liaison and a member of Task Force on BDS of the Israel on Campus Coalition, chaired by Mitchell Bard, consisting of professionals and consultants from the ICC’s many organizations to develop responses and strategies for students in anticipation of this year’s campaigns.

Currently we are collecting data on BDS initiatives on campus, so if you are aware of any emerging efforts for BDS activity on your campus or in your academic and professional organizations, it is important to let us know by contacting Dr. Ed Beck at [email protected].

Report of the SPME BDS Task Force

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Edward S. Beck

Co-Founder and President Emeritus, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

Contributing Faculty Member, Walden University






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