Now Just A Minute!

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Consider the following information and then please stop and ask yourself some questions:

. • Sunday’s suicide bombing of Jerusalem bus No. 14, has thus far resulted in at least 8 Israelis dead and 64 injured, 32 remain in the hospital and 8 are critically injured

. • The Sunday attack was timed for the rush hour on Sunday, February 22, the week’s first working and school day in Israel

. • Arafat no longer bothers to pretend that he and the terrorist chiefs he shelters from Israeli capture at his Ramallah headquarters have nothing to do with the suicide attacks. He makes no bones to Palestinian visitors that it is he and his top team who create the homicide operations and choose their targets, even when other groups take responsibility for the murder of innocent civilians.

. • Arafat should be on trial in the Hague, not Israel”, thought by many and said by Malcolm Hoenlein, a leader of the Conference of Presidents of major American Jewish Organizations after he saw first hand the brutality of this recent murder of civilians

. • In the last three years alone, nearly 950 Israelis have been murdered by groups controlled by one man, Arafat

. • The anti terrorist fence is designed to slow the passage of Palestinian terrorists from the West Bank into Israel; the data is clear, a dramatic reduction in homicide bombing attempts can be found where the security fence has been built. Work on the Jerusalem section has been held up for months; given the events of Feb.22 what if the fence was up around Jerusalem?

I am not making up any of the preceding all are verifiable facts. As the circus of The Hague begins tomorrow, it is incomprehensible that the world continues to tolerate this rogue group of thugs. Now to some, this is a harsh indictment. However, let me ask you, can you honestly say that it is moral and ethical to intentionally murder innocent civilians no matter what? Where is your green line of morality?

Before you jump to your justification that the Palestinian people are suffering, destitute and without hope, thus they become the fertile ground for recruitment into the homicide squads, let’s speak to the truth. First, many Palestinian people are suffering, living below any reasonable poverty line. Many children do go to bed hungry, many seniors have no retirement plans and unemployment is at horrendous levels. For this and so much more I am deeply disturbed, upset and angry. With whom am I the most upset? Their leaders who are willing to sacrifice the people’s lives; the world leaders who are unwilling to tell the truth as in the story of the “emperor has no clothes”; the righteous human rights groups who have such a narrow minded view of the world, they also do not speak the truth; the western media who know what is going on, who know that they must not tell the truth if they want access to Arafat and to the territories; and to honest, hard working humans around the world who speak a good game of caring but take little or no real action-we are all in this together.

Second, you do know who is really responsible for the state of affairs currently in the territories? The Israelis, right? Oops, you missed that one-as PI (politically incorrect) as it is to say, it is the Palestinian leadership, the Arab world and the self-righteous western nations who supported these actions in the past and right up to the present moment. You are aware of the financial facts? This year alone, the Palestinian authority, comparable to our USA government, will receive 1.2 billion dollars humanitarian and development projects aid. According to the World Bank the PA receives $570m aid from Arab League, $300m from European Union and $240m from US. These totals do not include any monies the territories produce themselves, nor does it consider that tax rebate given annually to the Palestinian government and it does not include the dollars raised by Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world. The Fafo Report has indicated the following: “Since 1993, international donor assistance to the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has served to cushion the affect of declining living conditions.”

Third, if you look at the actual economic data you will find the preceding information defended. Contrary to popular myth, the territories do still, to this day, export business -they make money. Take a look at the territories reported GNP, couple this with the NGO aid and the direct governmental humanitarian aid and you must ask yourself about the existing leadership’s ability to manage a territorial entity. It is estimated that in the last 5 years the PA has received many billions of additional aid (this in addition to the Israeli tax refund and the monies their own local businesses generate)-why then is the infrastructure either non existent or in disrepair?

I don’t know about you but if this were a democratic land, we would have “thrown the bums out!” Well, we know this is not so, therefore there are only a few logical conclusions:

. • The PA does not have the competence to develop, maintain and grow an infrastructure that supports a people who really only want to live a life as we do

. • The PA does not have the will, desire or intent to develop such an infrastructure-can you imagine why?

. • The PA understands how to “manage” and/or control people-keep them poor, fill them with revisionist history, lay the blame of their miserable lifestyles on someone external to themselves, i.e., dastardly Israelis. Thus the focus is upon the “other guy”; surely it is not our government’s fault!

I ask you, has the current leadership in the territories ever created a supportive humane infrastructure? If you believe no as I have, then you can draw the following conclusion: it is with willful intention that Arafat and his partners have been able to sacrifice their own people in order to secure their ideology on the ground in the Middle East. The incredible human abuse by the Territorian leadership is the real answer to the question of who is responsible for the current conditions today. Of course, it is absolutely convenient for the other Arab dictatorships to take their people’s focus off of their problems at home-shift the focus, shift the blame. This is a long established pattern in the world. Gee, come to think about it, we can see the same strategy used everywhere, even in our own homes. How do we fix our problems­well, we own up to them, take responsibility, stop blaming others and take positive actions to change the situation. What a novel idea-how about it Mr. Arafat, willing to own your problems? Be a man, stand up to what is the truth-but then again, that would take a courage that comes from personal integrity-something you will never have! We can continue to repeat tomorrow what we have always done, and we are insane if we should expect different results. Stand up world, it is long overdue, exercise your own integrity-now!

Now Just A Minute!

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