Israel offers peace, Palestinan leadership…more terrorism

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To the Editors,

Today’s editorial, “Pragmatism and Peace” (SF Chron, 2/04/04), is comprehensive, but it omits one crucial component of the formula for peace in the Middle East. Since 1937, the UK, the UN, Israel and/or the USA have made a total of thirteen offers to the Palestinian people: a state of their own alongside of Israel. The response of Palestinian leadership has been violence, terrorism and/or war each and every time: no state alongside of Israel, only instead of Israel.

Now Sharon has made the 14th offer: come forward, negotiate, stop the terrorism, and you’ll get your state (he is almost quoting President Bush’s visionary speech of 6/24/02). Even if you do not stop the terrorism, you will still get your state….but on unilateral Israeli terms, on the other side of the fence.

Now, for the 14th time, Palestinian leadership says “NO”, and underscores its rejection with threats of renewed terror and promises of victory through violence. If the Palestinian leadership wants a state for the Palestinian people, then the next step, the missing component, is the one that Palestinian leaders have never taken: abandon the 65-year old commitment to the destruction of Israel and the genocide of its Jews, stop the terrorism, and start negotiating.

Why then does your editorial focus on Sharon’s next steps? Shouldn’t you be calling on the Palestinian leaders to reciprocate?

Sincerely yours, David Meir-Levi Insurance and Investment Services 873 Santa Cruz Avenue(#202) Menlo Park, CA 94025 650 566 3811

Israel offers peace, Palestinan leadership…more terrorism

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